The activities carried out by the FS Research Centre

The activities carried out by the FS Research Centre concern the diffusion of FS Group information to official statistics institutes, national and international institutions, and participation in conferences, joint working groups and international meetings, aimed at the exchange of knowledge and information.

The FS Group contributes to the activities of Sistan – the National Statistical System – through the collection and dissemination of information on rail freight and passenger traffic, carried out on the national Rete Ferroviaria Italiana railway, part of the FS Italiane Group.


The FS Group and MIT

FS Group share several data and information with Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT).


Industry research

FS Group takes part in drafting of documents published by international organisations and associations, including the Union Internationale Des Chemins De Fer (International Union of Railways), the European Research Council and the International Transport Forum.


FS Group and Isfort

The FS Group and Isfort have the aim of constructing interpretative models capable of imagining future scenarios and adapting the offer of mobility services accordingly.



The Strategic Information Management System (SIMS) is the one, shared repository of official and certified data of FS Group, for analysts, Group specialists and other stakeholders.


Understanding the impacts of extreme hydrometeorological events on railway infrastructure

13–15 September 2023 – Matera hosted the Hydrology Days 2023, titled “Complexity of Hydrological Phenomena in the Natural and Anthropised Environment”. The FS Group also participated in the event with the FS Research Centre and RFI which, in collaboration with the Parthenope University, presented a study analysing the impacts of extreme hydrometeorological events on railway infrastructure. The study investigated the cause-effect relationship between hydrological hazards and damage to railway infrastructure by applying a new methodology to a case study that also avails of the visualisation and processing of spatial data through a Geographical Information System (GIS).

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The FS Research Centre at the “Fourth European Conference of the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis”

11 September 2023 - The first day of the fourth European conference of “The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis”, an international organisation dedicated to promoting research and to share ideas on cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and risk-benefit analysis was held in Milan. With the FS Research Centre, the FS Group took part at the event, with the presentation “Wider Effects of Transportation Planning: focusing on socioeconomic dynamics and issues”. The study highlights the limitations of traditional Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) techniques insufficient to analyse critical social aspects of transport planning. Instead, it  suggests additional methods that can integrate CBA into the assessment of social dimensions, factoring in aspects such as social justice and equity along with other non-financial factors in general.

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FS Research Centre at the “Living and Walking in Cities” International Conference

8 September 2023 - The third day of the International Conference “Living and Walking in Cities” was held in Brescia. This international event, researchers, experts and practitioners spoke about mobility and quality of life in urban areas, illustrating best practices and results from the world of research. With the FS Research Centre, the FS Group participated in the event, presenting a paper titled “Measuring the Impact of Institutional and Territorial Drivers for an Efficient and Smooth MaaS Implementation: a global analysis”. The study provides an examination of the drivers that enable MaaS platforms to be efficient, previsioning the impact of some political and territorial factors on MaaS implementation.

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Bluexperience: The Exhibition on Sustainable Mobility

9 June 2023 - Held in Naples was day one of the second edition of Bluexperience, an international event hosting workshops, debates and in-depth discussions on sustainable mobility, energy and public and private transport. The event was also attended by the Ferrovie dello Stato Group’s FS Research [EF1] Centre with Mario Tartaglia who, in the session dedicated to “Policies and Technologies for Sustainable Mobility and the Decarbonisation of the Transport Sector”, illustrated the importance of data in the integration of transport modes, in order to make mobility increasingly green and to achieve the decarbonisation targets set by the European Union. Divided into five sections, the conference also dealt with topics pertaining to the projects of the National Centre for Sustainable Mobility, the technological and digital transformation of transport services, urban mobility planning and good practices for the development of mobility able to reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts generated by private vehicles.

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Mobility, two years later

15 May 2023 - During a lecture to students at the Politecnico di Milano on “Mobility, two years later”, Mario Tartaglia, head of the FS Research Centre of FS Italiane, illustrated the mobility trends over the last two years and the importance of using new technologies to be able to interpret new tendencies and respond effectively and promptly. This renders it possible to collect and process large and complex data sets, or Big Data, obtaining more information for modelling mobility. The FS Research Centre, for instance, analyses the status of people’s mobility nationally through a geospatial data intelligence platform availing of anonymised telephone Big Data. Such data also makes it possible to analyse seasonal variations in mobility behaviour, thanks to being real-time in respect of the month prior.

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