“Ferrovie strongly believes that rail and public transport are critical for sustainable development and global efforts to combat climate change, by facilitating the modal shift away from cars into less carbon intensive modes of transport.

FS issues Green Bonds under its EMTN Programme and in compliance with the principles stated in the Green Bond Framework (GBF), first published in 2017. In the GBF’s latest update, the Eligible Green Projects include rolling stock for both passenger (Trenitalia) and freight (Mercitalia) transport and the railway infrastructure (RFI).

Ferrovie’s Green Bond Working Committee carry out and update the GBF, specifically to identify and assess the Eligible Green Projects.

FS Italiane has been the first Italian Issuer to obtain the Climate Bonds Initiative certification. CBI is an international no-profit organization with the mission of encouraging a sustainable finance worldwide to fight the climate change.

Green Bond Framework

Green Bond Reports

Ninth Green Bond December 2023 – Series 23

Eighth Green Bond May 2023 – Series 22

Seventh Green Bond May 2023 – Series 21

Sixth Green Bond September 2022 – Series 20

Fifth Green Bond July 2022 – Series 19

Fourth Green Bond December 2021 - Series 18

Third Green Bond March 2021 - Series 17

Second Green Bond July 2019 - Series 10

First Green Bond November 2017 - Series 7