If you already have at least three years' experience in the role and want to take up the challenge to enhance your knowledge and skills, this is the page for you!

Find out if there are any open position open that interest you.

Selection process for experienced applicants

The first step is to look for a job vacancy published in the dedicated area, with requirements match your profile. If there are no offers of interest to you, feel free to make a speculative application.

To apply, fill in the online application form, entering all the required information in the mandatory fields. This way your profile will be entered into our database, which is the only channel for acquiring CVs.

To enhance your experience, please enclose your personalised CV and any documents that illustrate your career path.

Steps in the selection process for experienced applicants

Screening is carried out to identify, on the basis of objective requirements, CVs of potential interest.

Preliminary telephone scouting aimed at explaining the job opportunity in the best possible way and elaborating on the course of study, expectations and motivations.

Those people considered to be most in line with the profile sought will be invited to participate in the selection procedure set out as follows:

  • online tests aimed at extending transversal competences. The people who pass them will be involved in a dedicated selection event (recruiting day) that will include the following two parts:

- HR general interview to investigate aptitude profile, expectations and soft skills;

- technical interview to assess specific knowledge required;

  • feedback will be given at the end of the selection process.

The persons identified will receive a pay offer and will be included in the recruitment and onboarding process.

Placement areas for experienced applicants