Corporate bodies

Under the terms of article 10 of the Statute, the FS Italiane Board of Directors (BoD) is composed of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine members, appointed by the Shareholders Assembly.

The BoD, which has exclusive competence to decide issues of economic and strategic importance, is responsible for managing the company and performing all operations necessary to achieve the company's purpose. It is also responsible for deciding some matters reserved for the Extraordinary Assembly and on issuing shares.

The Assembly held on 29 December 2017 appointed Gioia Ghezzi (as Chair), Renato Mazzoncini, Simonetta Giordani, Federico Lovadina, Wanda Ternau, Francesca Moraci and Giovanni Azzone as members.

Board members

Judge of the Court of Auditors in charge of control

Supervisory council

Chairman: Carmine di Nuzzo

Standing statutory auditor: Susanna Masi

Standing statutory auditor: Roberto Ascoli

Substitute statutory auditor: Paolo Castaldi

Substitute statutory auditor: Cinzia Simeone

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