We contribute to the growth of young people through the promotion and implementation of educational experiences at higher education institutions throughout the country.

Together with schools, we co-design diversified pathways for students from high schools and top technical institutes. These schemes aim to transfer sector-specific skills to young people and give them targeted preparation an ever-changing work environment.

We give students the opportunity to take part in training courses on transport, summer internships, alternating school/work placements, visits to company premises, open days and female testimonials.


  • Orienting and bringing young people closer to the transport environment and attracting women to traditionally male roles by offering them skills that can be put to use on the labour market.
  • Strengthening the school-business network by fostering reciprocal learning initiatives including conveying the Group's values and excellence.
  • Contributing to the growth of the country system by linking the educational offer to the local social and economic development (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Forming a pool of excellent, motivated and qualified people that can be drawn on in terms of generational replacement.
  • Enhancing internal know-how by enabling our technicians to pass on valuable skills and knowledge to students on education/training paths.

Paths for transversal skills and orientation (formerly alternating school-work schemes)

An application must be sent on school letterhead, initialled by the Head, to, clarifying the number of people involved, which classes, for how long and in what approximate period.

Subsequently, based on the availability of our companies and their business needs, we will check the feasibility of a collaboration and get back in touch regarding possible opportunities.