FS Group signs the 'Enterprises for People and Society’ manifesto

Towards a fairer and more sustainable future

A commitment to social sustainability

FS Italiane Group has signed the ‘Enterprises for People and Society’ manifesto, an initiative of the UN Global Compact Network Italy, the local network of the United Nations Global Compact.

By signing the manifesto, the Group commits to promoting business practices that contribute to the well-being of people and society, aligning itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and actively working towards a fair and sustainable future.

Key elements of the Manifesto

The Manifesto addresses issues of relevance and broad perspectives with the aim to:

Employee (LAV)
Consumers (CON)
Community (COM)

 1. integrate the social dimension into corporate strategies and enhance the creation of social value by companies

 2. respect human and labour rights

 3. develop a culture of inclusion, respect for diversity and equity

 4. strive for the well-being of workers

 5. invest in internal and external training and awareness-raising

 6. identify corporate finance actions and synergies in favour of the social dimension

 7. promote practices that strengthen equity and reduce inequalities

 8. support collective actions for the well-being of communities

 9. measure and report its social impact in a transparent manner

 10. communicate and be an Ambassador

The contribution of FS Group

In line with the objectives of the Manifesto, FS Group has already launched various initiatives to promote social sustainability, including: the adoption of a corporate Code of Ethics that promotes human and labour rights, the implementation of corporate welfare policies for the well-being of workers, support for social sustainability projects in local communities, the diffusion of a culture of inclusion, respect for diversity and equity.

The signing of the Manifesto therefore represents a tangible commitment to spreading values and a growing engagement in the social dimension of corporate sustainability.