Thanks to high-level training for undergraduates and recent graduates with scholarships, master's degrees and dedicated events, we contribute to the development of business culture and to the orientation and training of young people, as we prepare them for entry into the work environment.

We have always supported initiatives with leading universities aimed at identifying and supporting bright young undergraduate and/or postgraduate students by providing scholarships, including those for PhD programmes, and collaborations for the development of graduate theses.

Our aim is to give deserving students the opportunity to access the FS Italian Group and observe the key processes of our business, with the support and supervision of our managers and professionals.

Through this tool you will be able to:

  • learn on the job to supplement university learning and develop cutting-edge projects.
  • come into direct contact with the technological innovation of a major industrial entity such as FS Italiane.
  • exchange views with industry experts in different business areas and enjoy continuous coaching.

Writing a dissertation or doing an internship offers the opportunity to gain significant training experiences within the various companies of the FS Italian Group.

We involve students in activities and innovative business projects that allow them to develop the knowledge acquired during their academic careers.

These initiatives mainly arise from cooperation with universities with which special agreements are concluded and individual training projects are prepared. Right from the start of the internship, a company mentor supports the intern to facilitate their integration into the company and to support them in vocational training activities throughout the entire internship period, providing all tools needed for the acquisition of specific skills.

How to apply for an internship or dissertation experience

To apply for an internship (curricular and/or extracurricular) you need to upload your CV to our database, taking care to flag the option "First work experience" > "Evaluable contract" > "Internship" in the online form. The most interesting profiles among all the applications received may be contacted in relation to the possible needs of our Group companies.

To apply to do a thesis, you can send a request to lavoraconnoi@fsitaliane.it, outlining the thesis topic and subject area or training project of interest. We will provide feedback to the requests received in relation to priority projects for Group companies.

Our Group participates in specialised masters courses and higher education academic courses, with the aim of creating highly qualified professionals and developing the skills people need for the competitiveness and sustainability of our businesses and the entire country system

Supporting high-level training initiatives in the different business areas allows us to transmit our specialised know-how and offer concrete training opportunities to young students, giving them the chance to delve into and discover the complex, dynamic and highly technological reality that FS is.

The collaborations that we enter into with universities are diverse and diversified: from partnerships with Master's degrees and higher education courses on areas of strategic interest, to the development of pipelines, expansion of the network on specific subject areas, testimonials and lectures by our managers and experts, development of project work on topics of common interest, support for PhD courses, and participation in scientific and research projects of particular interest to our business. 

With the aim of promoting continuous and direct dialogue with graduates, undergraduates and students throughout Italy, FS Italiane participates in and implements numerous meeting initiatives both within universities and schools and by taking part in events such as job fairsworkshops and career days throughout Italy

FS Italiane attends job fairs and career days with its own stand, where people can meet our recruiters and get information on our professional opportunities, offers and profiles sought. Our aim is to provide maximum support and to foster direct communication with young people in order to generate curiosity and interest in the transport and mobility environment and to make them aware of the variety of our trades and businesses.

You will have the opportunity to participate in job orientation days and, through discussions with our company's HR colleagues, gain first-hand information on the selection process, the skills required and the many job opportunities within the various Group companies.

During these events you will also have the opportunity to attend short presentation meetings, during which our colleagues will illustrate our organisational setup, the profiles sought, the company benefits and the innovative and high-level technologies that make us leaders in the transport sector in Italy and worldwide.