The fourth edition of the programme begins

The FS Group's Corporate Entrepreneurship Innovate programme aims to foster the development of corporate entrepreneurship through multidisciplinary teams composed of employees from the different FS Italiane companies. The aim is to develop, promote and launch new business ideas.

The challenges of 2024 are aimed at identifying innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • Sustainable Infrastructures and Circular Economy: business models and solutions for the optimisation of the territory in which an infrastructural work is located in a circular economy perspective, facilitating the involvement of local communities, promoting the better use of materials and the reduction of waste produced in the context of the Hub/Group's activities.
    Customer Oriented and Smart Mobility: new business models for exploiting synergies between rail and road infrastructures with a view to promote mobility as a service, aimed at improving the mobility of people and goods and increasing intermodality.
  • Demand Response Transport: new business models and solutions for customers living in poorly served areas who routinely travel to catch a train but who do not have access to local public transport solution by road to stations to connect to that interchange.
  • Battery Durability: a key challenge in making buses and diesel-powered hybrid trains more sustainable is batteries. These components represent a significant part of the value of the vehicle. We aim to identify solutions to keep batteries in optimal condition during their life cycle and, if possible, extend their life in order to reduce depreciation and lower costs.
  • IoT Monitoring Solutions: technological and management solutions for monitoring operating parameters, wagon - locomotive communication, including detection of derailment, impacts, load coupling and brake.
  • Omni-Channel evolution: business models and technology solutions from an omni-channel perspective for contact channels dedicated to pre-sales processes.


The teams that come up with the best ideas will participate in the Bootcamp and then progress to the finals.