Thanks to the activities of its subsidiaries, FS Italiane is one of the world’s leading players in the field of mobility.

The FS Group exports to five continents the technological and engineering excellence of Made in Italy in the transport sector, developing projects related to mobility as a whole, with a predominant focus on rail and metro.

In this context, also in view of the rise in international demand, the FS Italiane Group has intensified its commitment beyond Italian and European borders, as indicated in the Industrial Plan 2019 - 2023.


Ambassador Vincenzo De Luca (New Delhi, India)

Ambassador Lorenzo Galanti (Bangkok, Thailand)

Ambassadress Francesca Tardioli (Canberra, Australia)


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FS International aims to export the FS Group’s extensive know-how to the world, mainly in non-EU contexts.

It serves as a One-Stop Shop in offering Operation & Maintenance services along with integrated solutions to a wide range of mobility sectors, such as high-speed rail lines and conventional freight services and logistics systems, mass transit, rail and road infrastructure, asset management, digital technologies, as well as Safety & Security services.

In the framework of the international consortium Eastern High-Speed Rail Linking Three Airports (EHSR), FS International has been designated as Contractor for the Operation & Maintenance activities of infrastructure, rolling stock, stations and depots belonging to the iconic project of High-Speed rail link between the three main Thai airports (Don Mueang, U-Tapao, Suvarnabhumi). The initiative, whose total value is estimated at around 6 billion euro, is structured in the form of DBFOM (Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain) and involves the construction of a 220-kilometre railway line in 5 years, as well as the Operation & Maintenance of the same for another 48 years. The project forms part of the broader “EEC - Eastern Economic Corridor” for the economic development of Southeast Asia that will be integrated into the Belt & Road Initiative.

Within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding between Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Indonesian Railways), FS International has provided about 50 Indonesian managers with two training sessions on Asset Management, aimed at transferring the Group’s extensive railway know-how. In order to offer a system overview on integrated mobility, the activities were conducted with a teaching staff composed of managers from several FS Group companies (RFI, Metropark and Grandi Stazioni Rail), at the RFI Professional School in Bologna.

FS International has been responsible for the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Uruguay for technical consultancy for the modernisation of the Ferrocarril Central line, as auditor of the executive project. The consulting activity, carried out through a local team in Montevideo, and a pool of experts including specialists of the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), is part of the largest railway project in the country aimed at strengthening a corridor along the 273 kilometres between the port of Montevideo, Uruguay and Paso de los Toros.

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Italferr, the FS Group’s engineering company, exports its know-how and highly-specialised technical expertise abroad, managing to position itself amongst the most experienced companies in the industry around the world.

It is currently engaged in international markets in 15 countries (on five continents), where it is working on 35 projects functional to the development of the conventional and high-speed rail sector as well as mass transit.

Texas Central is the new innovative 240-mile (385 kilometers) high-speed passenger rail line, which will connect Dallas and Houston (with 3 stations in Dallas, Brazos Valley and Houston). This mega project, structured mainly with an elevated route, involves an investment of about 4 billion dollars for civil works and an expected journey time of about 90 minutes, guaranteed by Japanese technology and rolling stock (Shinkansen N700).

Italferr supports the manufacturer (TxHSR -Texas HSR and We Build Group) with technical assistance and preparatory design activities for the construction phase.

In August 2020, Italferr – in a consortium with other international companies – was awarded the direction of works on Line 1 of the Metro in Bogotá, Colombia.

The project “PLMB – Primera Línea del Metro de Bogotá – Tramo 1" envisages the completion of 24 kilometres of underground line, with 16 stations and routes underground, as well as deposits for rolling stock in the area of the Colombian capital (with a total investment of 4.3 billion dollars). It is the flagship infrastructure project for the Colombian market and currently one of the initiatives most characterised by the presence of international operators in the field of mass public transport.

Italferr, in partnership with the Spanish company Typsa, has been awarded the design activities and works management of the underground lines of Kanpur and Agra, two of the largest industrial cities in Northern India.

The contract has a duration of 5 years and foresees the design of four corridors (with a total length of more than 62 kilometres) between Kanpur and Agra, with 57 stations and 4 depots.

The new Kanpur Metro line will include two main corridors, with a total length of over 32 kilometres, having 30 stations and 2 depots.

The new Agra Metro line will also include two corridors, with a total distance of more than 30 kilometres, having 27 stations and 2 depots.

Italferr has been awarded the contract for the design and works management for completing the 750-metre Anji Khad Bridge, characterised by a central span of more than 260 metres, suspended over a gorge of more than 200 metres.

It is one of the most technically challenging and significant works of the entire Indian railway line that will cross the north-western region of India, running along the slopes of the Kashmir Valley to the Pakistan border.

The intercontinental road link between Kazliçeşme neighbourhood located in the European area of the city of Istanbul and he Göztepe neighbourhood located in the Asian area, under-crossing the Bosphorus Strait.

The tunnel – extending some 15 kilometres, of which 3.4 km is below sea level at a depth of about 25 metres – is designed to be crossed by 100,000 vehicles per day, bringing travel times between the two continents from one hour and 40 minutes to 15 minutes.

The Joint Venture between Italferr and Altinok Consulting Engineering Inc. was awarded the tender published by the Turkish Ministry of Transport (AYGM) to carry out supervision activities, acting as Employer Representative, during the development phases of the detailed design, execution, testing and commissioning of the Eurasia Tunnel.

The city of Lusail is located 15 kilometres from Doha, the capital of the country. Lusail’s development project is one of the world’s largest and most elaborate investment plans in operation, covering a major area of 35 square kilometres and designed to accommodate approximately 200,000 people.

In partnership with other leading engineering companies, Italferr has been awarded the contract for Project Management Consultancy Services and technical support, pertaining to the construction of the new Lusail Tram network. The consulting activities involve civil works, technological systems and installations, the development of maintenance facilities and the supply of rolling stock for the 4 lines planned with a total length of 38 kilometres, having 37 stations and 10 kilometres of tunnel.

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The Group’s certification company is a European Notified Body, which assesses the conformity of subsystems and components of any railway system. The company performs the role of ISA (Independent Safety Assessor), as well as Product Certification Body and Inspection Body.

In addition, Italcertifer also performs Asset Management System Certification (ISO 55001) ensuring that customer resources are managed efficiently in order to reduce corporate risk and gain a competitive advantage.

Italcertifer was appointed as Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) for the Haramain High Speed Rail in Saudi Arabia (infrastructure and rolling stock). The railway line is about 444 kilometres long, of which 390 kilometres cross rural areas and 54 kilometres cross urban areas. The railway is a high-speed electrified passenger line, primarily designed to provide a fast, comfortable, reliable and safe means of transport for passengers travelling between Makkah, Jeddah and Madinah. Italcertifer’s commitment pertains to all of the various subsystems, including infrastructure, signalling, telecommunications and power.

Italcertifer is working as an Independent Checking Engineer (ICE) on Metro Line 3 in Riyadh. The project involves the construction of 42 kilometres of metro line, with 22 stations, 2 maintenance units, 6 kilometres within a natural gallery and 22 kilometres in a viaduct with various civil works. As ICE, Italcertifer is responsible for verifying the project in terms of correctness, completeness of the content, functionality and security, in accordance with the applicable client requirements, codes and local regulations. The precision of the integration of the system and the various interfaces between the subsystems is also analysed.

The project “Etihad Rail Stages 2 & 3 – Etihad Rail Network” concretises the commitment of the Government of the United Arab Emirates in the development of the country’s rail network (also functional to the efficiency of the logistics system) and the links with the neighbouring States of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Phase 2 of the Etihad Rail Network aims to create a fully-functioning and integrated, safe, efficient and reliable mixed freight and passenger railway.

Italcertifer has been selected by the winning Contractors for the realisation of 4 Packages (Packages 2A, 2D, 2S and 2F1) as Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) on the basis of the skills possessed and the experience acquired in third-party certifications in the Middle East’s rail and mass transit sector.

Italcertifer was commissioned by Hitachi Rail STS to carry out Independent Safety Assessment activities for the Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project (MVAR) in Sydney.

ISA activities include Interlocking Safety Generic and Specific applications and their integration for the commission of the MVAR system.

The objective of the project is to modernise the power system, signalling by making changes to the tracks in the Mount Victoria area, improving reliability and supporting the operation of the new trains of the intercity fleet.

The Blue Mountains Line, which also covers the Mount Victoria area, is an intercity rail service operating in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia.

Italcertifer has been commissioned by DFCCIL (Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited) to act as ISA for the entire signalling system for the Bhaupur-Khurja freight line. This conventional and electrified line with 2x25 KV, has a length of 343 kilometres and is equipped with an automatic blocking system. In total, there are 10 stations, 4 of which are of a “junction" (interchange) variety. The activities, carried out in accordance with the applicable European and Indian regulations (issued by RDSO - Research Design and Standard Organisation), will be finalised in the coming months upon the issuance of the certificate for utilising the line for commercial purposes.

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Operation & Maintenance of the Riyadh Metro

FS Italiane, as a member of the FLOW Consortium, is engaged in managing the Operation & Maintenance of lines 345 and 6 of the Riyadh Metro, which will become operational in the coming months.

The service, commissioned by Royal Commission for Riyadh (previously named ArRiyadh Development Authority), the government body for urban development and mobility in the Saudi capital, is expected to have a 12-year duration and includes the management of rail traffic, safety, assistance and information to passengers, Facility Management, maintenance of civil works and the entire transport system.

The activity carried out with the consortium partners concerns a 113-kilometre metro system with 50 stations, including two main and five interchange stops, three depots and as many checkpoints.



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Busitalia is focused on public passenger road transport (bus) in the Italian market and, through the acquisition of Qbuzz in 2017, in the Dutch market. Since its foundation in 2011, Busitalia has become one of the main public transport operators in both countries, ensuring the transport of 300 million passengers with 160 million vehicles per kilometre (2019 data). The company manages public transport services effectuated with all means of transport: city and intercity buses, trams, trains, ferries and funiculars.

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Mercitalia Logistics is specialised in the enhancement of logistics infrastructures and integrated logistics services, and is the holding company of a Group (named Polo Mercitalia) that offers solutions in the freight transport sector. Operating through subsidiaries are: Mercitalia Rail for transport by conventional and intermodal means, Mercitalia Intermodal specialising in combined unaccompanied transport, TX Logistik that offers rail freight services in the EU, Mercitalia Shunting & Terminal dealing with road transport, and TerAlp that produces latest-generation intermodal terminals.

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Since 2019, FSTechnology has been dedicated to the development of technology, for the enhancement and support of the companies of the FS Group and third-party companies in the process of digital innovation, ensuring greater quality and efficiency, as well as the reduction of time-to-market of services for people. Amongst the initiatives for the adoption of new technologies such as blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things, based on modern Cloud infrastructures and 5G networks, particular attention is paid to the optimisation of predictive diagnostics, helping to improve the punctuality and regularity of the railway traffic.