Production and circulation

Foto: monitor sala operativa

It schedules and plans the regulatory and plant structure of the railway network to ensure that trains run safely and with maximum regularity.

  •  It ensures the planning and implementation of transport service delivery processes; it ensures the definition of performance indicators and punctuality targets;
  • On the basis of the defined business goals, it deals with ordinary and extraordinary programming and the human resources deployed (drivers, on-board staff and vehicles), ensuring local jurisdictional and staffing adequacy.
  • It ensures the definition of the technical-regulatory content necessary for the development of the qualification system and plans the training needs of the driving and on-board staff, providing for the preparation of sectoral manuals and technical instructions.

It directly manages railway traffic, giving access to railway companies that meet requirements, and monitors the results in terms of regularity. It also provides for the management of staff required.

It ensures the control and oversight of the safety, punctuality and regularity of the transport service.