The Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group is firmly committed to a security-related activity aimed at guaranteeing utmost security at stations and on trains while protecting passengers and staff.

Sicurezza in treno e in stazione

Coordination with the institutions

Railway environments are constantly protected by the agents from the railway police and state-of-the-art surveillance and security systems within a framework of cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, Prefectures, Local Authorities and Municipal Police.

The Corporate Protection Department of FS Holding is responsible for security, together with the Corporate Protection Facilities of Trenitalia and RFI-Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, which operate in co-operation with the Railway Police. The travel quality indicators included in the Charter for Mobility demonstrate how Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group is committed in security sector. 

Since the end of 2007 this transversal commitment has meant a 40% drop in thefts among passengers. However, our commitment and the resources we dedicate to secure travelling can become even more effective if supported by passengers’ conscious and cooperative behaviour.

Useful tips

In order to ensure the highest security standards at stations and while travelling, passengers are advised to follow the indications and respect the instructions given by the personnel and communicated via notices or announcements. It is also indispensable for them to follow simple but essential rules of behaviour.

At stations

Keep an eye on your luggage, never losing sight of it, also in taxi areas and at station car parks. Any unattended piece of luggage is subject to police checks.
It is advisable to store money and documents in separate places, being mindful of pickpockets and avoiding isolated and poorly lit areas.
Distrust hawkers (unauthorised sellers) offering various services (taxis, hotels, tours).
Do not loiter around underpasses.
After parking your car, make sure you have locked it and do not leave anything in sight.  Listen to the PA system and pay attention to the boards and the indications given by the railway personnel.

On trains:

  • Do not alight or board when the train is running or moving.
  • When on the platform, respect the safety distance from the gap staying on the right side of the yellow line.
  • Do not cross the train tracks.
  • Do not lean or throw objects out of the window.
  • When alighting, make sure you are using the correct door in line with the platform.
  • Hold on to the handles provided to avoid losing balance when the train brakes or accelerates.
  • Do not board the train from anywhere other than the platform.
  • Do not leave valuables in the compartments, not even for a short time.
  • In sleeping cars, firmly close the door overnight and keep your valuables in places that are not immediately accessible by strangers.
  • Distrust hawkers and any offers of food or drinks by strangers.

In our Group, security in exercising train circulation is based on the absolute protection of human life and is regulated by the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Infrastructure Manager. Our commitment in terms of security is also included among the travel quality factors stated in the Mobility Charter, as the document governing the public service charters in the transport sector.