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Investor Relations

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Financial Press Releases

07 June 2019
FS Italiane: Shareholders' Meeting approves 2018 Financial Statement

The FS Italiane ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meeting approved the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane SpA Financial Statement for FY 2018, with a profit of 62.4 million euros, complemented by the Consolidated Annual Financial Report of the FS Group with 12.1 billion of revenues, net profit of 559 million and EBITDA equal to 2.5 billion.

10 May 2019
Fs Italiane, Business Plan worth 58 billion in investments

The new 2019-2023 Industrial Plan of the FS Italiane Group sets out investments of 58 billion euros. This record commitment for an unprecedented amount confirms the Group’s position as the leading investor in Italy.

08 May 2019
Metro 5: signed debt renegotiation with a spread reduction above 40%

Metro 5 has closed the renegotiation of nearly Euro 500 million long term debt (maturity 2035) reaching above 40% spread reduction as compared to the former applying. Signing took place 4 years later the financial closing dated April 2015.

16 April 2019
FS Italiane: Board of Directors approves bond issues up to euro 1.75 billion

FS' Board of Directors approved the issue of new bonds for a maximum amount of 1 billion and 750 million of euro.

Group highlights

Source: 2018 Annual Report Highlights