By choosing to become part of our holding company or one of our Group’s companies, you will be joining an organisation which understands that human capital is the key driver behind valu

You will be entering a company that increasingly focuses on new ways of doing business and creating innovation through new forms of knowledge, always adopting an original approach in step with the times.

Consequently, we are focusing our efforts on building learning pathways based on our staff’s wealth of expertise and on effective job training, integrating old and new knowledge.

We do this at all levels, launching the people in the Group on a development path aimed at lifelong training and the acquisition of useful skills to guide the company business towards new challenges.

Job rotation programmes are designed ad hoc to give people a broad range of knowledge so they can always join new, exciting projects.


To work in a professional and safe manner in any sector in the railway industry.

A qualification system has been developed to help aspiring employees learn these skills, letting them acquire railway qualifications by taking part in training courses inside and outside the company.

About 150 paid hours a year are required to train the following professional roles:

  • Station manager
  • Train driver
  • Train manager
  • Technical manager
  • Maintenance expert (for railway infrastructure)
  • Rail traffic controller
  • Maintenance expert (for rolling stock)

The starting point for each employment relationship is learning about the concepts of hygiene, safety and workplace accident prevention, the rights and obligations of the role, as well as the company organisation and production cycle.

In particular, the apprentice training course will involve:

  • theoretical/cross-sector training
  • technical/specialist training and technical/professional training

company tutor will be in charge of shadowing the apprentice throughout the entire apprenticeship, helping complete the individual training plan, while assigning tasks and certifying that the training is carried out properly.

We are constantly seeking to find, choose and develop a loyal relationship with the best talent who can make a responsible, competent contribution to making our business more competitive every day.

We want you to choose us so we can achieve major goals together. We therefore value your potential, providing you with useful tools to build your and our success.