Selection and digital recruiting

We firmly believe that qualified people who are able to face market challenges can make a successful contribution to pushing the country forward, while improving our company’s performance.

Consequently, we are investing in our selection of the best resources so we can properly meet the ever-changing needs of our organisation and the market.

Attracting, welcoming and developing people who can guarantee a command of railway know-how and create new expertise at the same time is one of our company’s priorities and it is no coincidence that we have always been seen as one large family.

We are therefore relying on positive, innovative people with an open and intellectually curious mind.

Our recruitment channels

Our priority channel for collecting applications is the “Work with us” section, where candidates can use the special online form to enter all the required curricular information on their aptitudes, skills, experiences and preferences.

To meet the needs of a globalised, fast-paced world, we have developed social recruiting strategies, alongside our official site, aimed at attracting the most high-tech, cutting-edge profiles.

The FS Italiane Official Career page on LinkedIn, as well as the individual pages for the Group’s various companies, fully meet the current labour market requirements.

We also use partners outside the Group to reach all our target profiles.