Selection and digital recruiting

We firmly believe that people who are motivated and ready to take on challenges are crucial to the success of our company. For this reason, we invest in selecting people to best meet the changing needs of our customers, the market and the country system. Attracting, welcoming and developing people who can safeguard the wealth of expertise of our business areas and at the same time create new knowledge is a priority for our Group.

To achieve this, we choose people who are positive, innovative, open-minded and have intellectual curiosity.

How to participate in our talent acquisition process

1. Check the active search campaigns to find opportunities that interest you

2. Register and log in to enter our database so that you can be contacted

3. Authenticate via the email you receive from our system (note: also check your Spam folder)

4. After the ad deadline has passed, our recruiters screen the CVs received

5. If your CV meets the ad requirements, you will receive an email to take part in the selection procedure

6. If you pass the selection process you will receive a job offer

Our digital talent acquisition channels

Our job application collection channel is here online form. You can enter all the requested CV-related information on your aptitudes, skills, experience and preferences. The application process takes about 20 minutes.

Speculative applications remain valid for 12 months from the date of the last update. After 12 months, the data is automatically deleted from the system. Check the search campaigns regularly to see if any positions come up that might interest you.

Social recruiting

To make it easier for interested people to get in touch with us, we have a presence on LinkedIn and Facebook with two profiles dedicated to work matters.

In addition to publishing job ads, we carry out direct scouting campaigns on the main social networks to intercept highly specialised and international profiles. 

Digital selection tools and methodologies

Digital selection tools and methodologies

Our selection processes use digital tools that allow you to give us initial evidence of your soft-skills that will suit the roles we want to fill.