Cantieri Parlanti is the FS Italiane Group (RFI and Italferr) project developed in association with the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, which “gives voice” to more than 30 Strategic Works throughout Italy and in employs thousands of people in its completion every day.

Thanks to this project, all FS Group Infrastructure Hub work sites for projects financed with PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) funds will “speak” a simple, transparent and immediate language, shared with the territories, to tell their story and mission and make citizens and stakeholders more aware and up-to-date on the importance of the works in progress. 

An operation of transparency, as well as information, which, as the FS Group CEO, Luigi Ferraris, stated "arises from the need to communicate the Strategic Works, including those provided for by the PNRR, illustrating the benefits they will entail in people's daily lives and the commitment of all so that they are carried out with defined and transparent methods and schedules". 

Grafica: lo skyline dei principali monumenti italiani

  How do work sites ‘speak’?

Cantieri Parlanti speak through different communication channels, with a simple, transparent and immediate language, to tell their story and their mission and make citizens more aware and updated on the works in progress nation-wide:

  • through the specific section, Strategic Works, on, always updated on the project progress and on what happens in the concerned areas, thanks also to the presence of webcams that video construction site activities;
  • through signs and on-site aids, with billboards placed in the works area, clearly visible to citizens and to those who transit on the lines and roads bordering the construction sites; dedicated infopoints in city centres;
  • on FS Group’s social media with posts and interactive content dedicated to the main construction sites.

 What strategic works do the work sites speak about?

Strategic Works refers to multiple infrastructure projects, whether or not financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which respond to the strategy of strengthening the railway network, especially in the South, fundamental in creating an increasingly interconnected country, capable of overcoming territorial inequalities and improving service quality for citizens. There are over 30 Strategic Works whose progress is communicated within the Cantieri Parlanti project, all visible by visiting the specific FS Italiane website section.

 Does the Cantieri Parlanti project also include works financed with PNRR? Does the Cantieri Parlanti project also include works financed with PNRR?

Yes. The Cantieri Parlanti project aims to illustrate and explain to citizens and stakeholders the strategic works carried out by the Infrastructure Hub and also financed with funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).
The FS Group, in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the construction companies and the Commissioner (where appointed), illustrates the mission, the advantages and the objective of the works in progress to make all interested parties more aware and updated. Many of the Strategic Works are characterised by design and implementation complexity and are subject to complex authorisation processes. To make the executive process easier, the legislator has chosen to appoint extraordinary Commissioners, giving them powers of attorney.

 I don’t know of any works in progress in my region: how can I find them?

A green interactive map icon can be found at the top of the main page in the Strategic Works section. Click the icon to open the map of Italy: the works in progress will be displayed by selecting the region of interest. Simply click to open the details page.

 Can I 'communicate' with work sites?

Of course. A red icon is always displayed in the bottom right corner of the Strategic Works page. Click the icon to open a contact form. Fill in the mandatory data to ask questions. Our technicians will reply as soon as possible.

In short, the areas affected by works become real communication hubs with Cantieri Parlanti, also thanks to the presence of a uniform and recognisable graphic language to identify the spaces covered by the works, to convey not only information but, above, all the vision of a territory that changes and evolves, for an increasingly innovative and interconnected country in the pursuit of sustainability.

The Italy of the future is under way.

L'Italia del futuro è in corso