Real estate and services

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The activities in this area concern the planning of interventions on Group real estate assets that are not used for railway operations. Specifically:

  • the preparation of projects and estimates for maintenance work;
  • the preparation of technical documents for contract/supply tenders;
  • the execution of assigned projects and the management of works, with acknowledgement of the fulfilment of the legal requirements regarding management of worksites and the fulfilment of the activities typical of the role (certification of progress and final accounting of works, testing, delivery, etc.);
  • ensuring compliance with the minimum health and safety requirements to be implemented at the contracted worksites, in fulfilment of the requirements of the Project Management activities at the specific request of the Client Companies, with overall undertaking of responsibility for project timeframes, cost and quality;
  • providing necessary engineering assistance for particular problems emerging in heritage development projects or in the performance of building management activities.

The building management area takes care of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities of the managed real estate that is not used in railway operations. Specifically, the activities covered concern:

  • planning and design of interventions;
  • execution and control of works;
  • checking of the maintenance status of the assets;
  • technological and regulatory adaptation of facilities;
  • emergency assistance for extraordinary maintenance;
  • the checking of periodic and extraordinary costs;
  • utility management.

Its activities cover the provision of facility management services in various areas: accommodation, logistical support for training and conferences, security, correspondence management, press centres and other office services and travel concession management, thus creating a fully integrated service system.


  • identifies and proposes interventions on processes/products to seize opportunities for improvement;
  • leads project activities for approved initiatives;
  • ensures the coordination and functional supervision of the activities carried out at territorial level with regard to services performed within multi-company buildings (e.g. cleaning, porterage, security, reception and access control, issuing of tickets, etc.), contracted services for stays in ferrotel or replacement facilities, and the management service of press centres and correspondence;
  • draws up the corporate protection plan (with regard to locations, customer service activities, assets, know-how), verifying its implementation within the overall management of the service and preparing the relevant corporate procedures, consistent with the guidelines and provisions of the parent company’s Corporate Protection Department.