FS Group

The FS Italiane Group is one of the largest industrial companies in Italy and at the heart of the Italian mobility system.

more than 92,000


more than 9,700

trains per day

46 billion passenger-km by rail

1.8 billion passenger-km by bus

21.1 billion tonne-km

transported freight

17,600 km

of railway line

32,500 kilometres

of road

Source: 2023 Annual Report Highlights

Our mission

As the Italian FS Group, we have been actively participating in the progress of the country for over 100 years, looking after the mobility of young people, families and workers, of a society that is changing and evolving at a dizzying pace, that is speeding up, whilst at the same time trying to keep in touch through ever faster and more efficient systems.

Our core business has always been the safe, comfortable and efficient transport of millions of people. For this reason, our main strategic objective is to guarantee the best quality of service in terms of national territorial capillarity, punctuality, safety and comfort, always putting the passenger at the heart of all decision-making processes. 

Our vision

We aspire to drive Italy’s recovery, generating value and contributing to a multi-modal mobility of people and freight, with people’s needs at the core, whilst being increasingly and simultaneously sustainable, safe and focused on operational excellence, maintaining a leadership role on the frontiers of technology and resilient digital transport infrastructure, not only in Italy but with a consolidated international presence. 

The organisational set-up

The context of reference and the significant trends at an international level require a strong discontinuity and the definition of a 10-year strategy, able to look at new works in their entire cycle – from the design to completion. 

In order to make a decisive contribution to Italy’s sustainable development and to fully exploit the potential of all Group companies, the 2022–2031 Business Plan revealed the need to redefine governance and revise the organisational structure into four business units, each with clear strategic objectives: “Infrastructure”, “Passenger”, “Logistics” and “Urban”.

This new organisation aims to strengthen the synergies of all companies operating in the Group and to increase their efficiency also in terms of planning and design.

The four new business hubs will be homogeneous in terms of mission and objectives. They will play a crucial role in developing an increasingly integrated and sustainable infrastructure and mobility system for the benefit of the country. In order to proceed along this pathway, a revision of the regulatory framework, consistent with the Group’s objectives, is crucial.

The holding company shall perform the function of policy, coordination, strategic and financial control over the sector’s parent companies, which in turn will have a coordinating and operational control function over the companies belonging to the hub.

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