Schools and universities

We have always supported initiatives with major universities aimed at identifying and supporting brilliant young undergraduates and graduates during their university and/or post-university studies, offering scholarships, thesis prizes and idea competitions.

In fact, our goal is to reward students and to give them the chance to get closer to the FS Italiane Group and see the key processes of our business up close, receiving support and supervision from the managers and professionals who work with us.

Our initiatives

Allowances for carrying out research in the field of transport (Department of Civil, Building and Environmental Engineering) or in electricity (Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering) with the Sapienza University of Rome.

Scholarships for developing a degree thesis for students selected from the two-year Master’s Degree in Transport Systems Engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome.

The FS Idea Competition aimed at students and/or graduates on Master’s/specialist degree courses in engineering and economics at all Italian universities.

The advantages for students and graduates:

  • expanding what you’ve learned at university on the job and developing cutting-edge projects;
  • entering into direct contact with the technological innovation of a major industrial company such as FS Italiane;
  • discussing ideas with industry experts in various business areas and benefiting from continuous shadowing;
  • prizes and benefits, for example, vouchers to travel for free on Trenitalia trains.
  • If you’re interested in these initiatives, keep following this page and keep an eye on our news!


The internship offers the chance to gain significant training experience within the organisational structures of the various companies of the FS Italiane Group.

Our internships engage students in work and innovative company projects that help develop the knowledge acquired at university. 

These initiatives primarily come from our collaboration with the universities with which we’ve made special agreements and organised individual training projects.

As soon as the internship starts, a company tutor supports the intern to encourage their integration within the Company and to help them with training and professional activities all throughout their stay at the host facility, providing any tools that might be useful for training specific skills.

In collaboration with universities, academic and training institutions

Our company endorses 2nd level specialist Master’s degrees run by some of the most prestigious Italian universities, with a view to training highly qualified professionals and developing the necessary skills for the competitiveness of the business.

Supporting high-level training initiatives in various business areas lets us meet the entire Group’s needs and offer young university students the chance to work at a complex company such as ours.

Our collaboration involves working with the university on the students’ training requirements and basic and transferable skills, according to our Group’s model, when defining teaching programmes, providing expert experience and teaching from FS Italiane staff, developing work projects on subjects of common interest and offering the chance to experience an internship with us.

Degree thesis and interniship

The carrying out of a thesis or an internship offers the possibility of experiencing significant educational experiences within the organizational structures of the various Companies of the FS Italiane Group.

We involve students in participating in innovative business projects and activities that allow them to develop the knowledge acquired during the University.

These initiatives arise mainly from the collaboration with the universities with which specific agreements are stipulated and individual training projects are prepared.

For example, since the activation of the internship, a company tutor supports the intern to facilitate his / her insertion in the company and to assist him / her in the training-professional activities during the entire period of stay in the host structure, providing every tool useful for the formation of specific skills .

How to apply for the thesis

To request a thesis, you must send a request to We will check the availability of the various companies of the FS Group and provide feedback only in case of accepted request.

How to apply for an internship

To carry out a curricular internship, you must contact the Placement Office of your University to verify the existence of an agreement between the same and the FS Italiane Group. If so, the University will contact us at, to verify the possibility of activating an internship within the companies of the Group: the activation of the internship is in fact subordinated to the real needs of the various companies of the Group at the time of the request.

To make an extracurricular internship instead, you need to enter your CV on our database. It will be our care to compare the profiles of interest to the manifestation of the need by one of our Group companies.