Foto: personale di Protezione Aziendale

It ensures the definition and dissemination of company policies, internal regulations and operational procedures on operational safety, also for the purpose of maintaining the safety certificate. It ensures the oversight and development of the company's Safety Management System (SMS) and coordinates the preparation of the company's Annual Safety Plan. It oversees relations with domestic and foreign transport companies in the field of operational safety.

It ensures the development of operational procedures in the field of operational safety. It ensures the development and management of simulation systems for driver training. On behalf of Trenitalia, it deals with issues related to the use of train driving technology and safety systems.

It ensures the definition and dissemination of company policies and operating procedures on workplace safety with the relevant implementation control, including through oversight, monitoring and analysis of the Accidents at Work Database, also taking care of regulatory and legislative developments; it also ensures the analysis of procedures for technical-administrative compliance with regard to plants, buildings and processes. It provides specialist support to corporate structures and technical input to the competent Group structures in charge of relations with national and international bodies.

It monitors the implementation of the company's environmental protection policies by gathering legislation, reviewing procedures and regulations, and disseminating good environmental protection management practices. It deals with the qualitative and quantitative monitoring of activities with an environmental impact and identifies the necessary corrective actions with respect to the defined plan. It supervises the implementation of projects for the mitigation of environmental impact with a view to better utilisation of natural resources and exploitation of technological innovations.