Bargaining agreement

New human resources to be employed in the company to fill the positions of Station Manager, Train Driver, Train Manager, Infrastructure and Rolling Stock Technical manager, Maintenance Expert (for railway infrastructure), Specialised Circulation Operator, Maintenance Expert (for rolling stock), Specialised Circulation Operator, Multifunctional Train Technician, are generally hired with a professional apprenticeship contract (art. 21 of the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCNL) of Mobility/Contractual area Railway Activities).

The professional apprenticeship contract is an employment contract giving training and employment to young people for the attainment of a professional qualification for contractual purposes (professional figure).

The incumbent may be hired under this type of contract if they are aged between 18 and 29 and meet the physical requirements required by FS Italiane for each of the professional figures envisaged.

The duration of the contract extends over two periods: the first one of 18 months is the same for all professional levels, while the second one is of a different duration depending on the professional level.

The duration of training is 120 hours over the three-year period for basic and transversal training and at least 80 hours on average per year for vocational training. The company may at its discretion spread the training hours over the total duration of the contract.

The apprentice worker is supported by a tutor possessing the following characteristics:

  • qualified worker with a grade equal to or higher than that which the apprentice will attain at the end of the apprenticeship period;
  • work activities consistent with those of the apprentice;
  • possession of at least three years of work experience.