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06 February 2020
FS Italiane: condolences for the death of train drivers

The FS Italiane Group and all its railway workers express their deepest condolences for the death of the two train drivers of the 9595 Milan - Salerno high speed train.

24 January 2020
Innovate: more than 450 ideas from employees to develop sustainable mobility

Over 450 innovative ideas focused on sustainability in mobility, safety, energy and emissions. These came from FS Italiane Group employee proposals in the second edition of Innovate, the initiative created to promote entrepreneurship.

16 January 2020
Sustainability: FS Italiane adheres to the Assisi Manifesto

The FS Italiane Group joins the Manifesto di Assisi to promote sustainable action as a real driver of development and value creation for the national system.

02 January 2020
The January La Freccia celebrates the arrival of the 2020s with Mara Venier on the cover

The first issue of the year opens by looking at the world of media with the Director of La Stampa Maurizio Molinari.