Staff areas

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  • It ensures the definition of corporate guidelines and policies on planning, organisation, selection and recruitment, development and management, human resources training and internal communication, as well as the Industrial Relations system, and actions the relevant authorisations and verifies their implementation.
  • It ensures the definition of the annual staffing plan and company labour costs.
  • It ensures the planning, implementation and control of company protection activities and administrative services.
  • It ensures compliance with work safety and environmental procedures and standards.

It ensures the unified representation of legal and corporate interests in any setting and before any national and international body, including through the management of corporate litigation at the various jurisdictional levels. It is responsible for the definition of company policies, the monitoring of regulatory developments and participates in the definition of related company-wide implementation guidelines. Finally, it offers assistance and advice to corporate functions on all legal and corporate matters.

It ensures the definition of the strategic positioning of group companies in the relevant business and the related analysis activities, and supports top management in the planning and programming of corporate strategies. It carries out economic and technical evaluations, and drafts business plans and investment priority plans. Finally, it draws up network development strategies and plans, creates economic and transport supply system scenarios, defines development initiatives in international markets and ensures the implementation of partnerships.

It assists top management and the company organisation in the pursuit of its goals of effectiveness and efficiency through independent and objective assurance and advisory activities aimed at assessing and improving control, risk management and corporate governance processes. It supervises the assessment of the adequacy and effective functioning of the internal control system in relation to the corporate objectives of effectiveness and efficiency of operations, compliance with laws, regulations, contracts and internal provisions, protection of corporate assets and correctness of internal and external information, in accordance with international standards for professional practice.

Ensures the definition and implementation of the company IT plan, identifying priorities for action on company IT systems and IT security risk areas. It manages projects and investment orders relating to company information systems and ensures the availability of systems to support business decisions, through the development of models and the adoption of operational research techniques. It ensures the development and management of the company's information systems and IT applications and the related user support, in line with the reference architectures, ensuring the detection of the demand for innovation and system change and the identification of technological needs.  It maintains, to the extent of its competence, relationships with suppliers of IT goods and services, in compliance with the company and Group purchasing process.

In accordance with company and Group policies and guidelines, it ensures the supervision of planning, budgeting and economic-financial control processes, also through the definition of control and general, analytical and industrial accounting rules. It manages all accounting and financial processes related to the administration of employees' personnel. Lastly, it ensures the preparation of the financial statements in compliance with statutory and fiscal regulations and the reporting system, in accordance with FS Group rules.

It ensures the definition of the corporate external communication strategy and consolidates the related external communications plan. It participates in the definition of the company's brand and image enhancement policy and ensures its implementation. It manages and develops international, national and local media relations and internal editorial activities.