The Business Plan is structured in the interest of sustainability – a vision capable of directing people, skills, innovation and investments, for the creation of shared value for new generations.

What’s more, the four operational Hubs interact with a new International Directorate, tasked with coordinating all the Group’s foreign activities. 

As the leading energy consumer in Italy (with a slice of around 2% of national demand), the FS Group will invest 1.6 billion euro in installing plants with a production capacity of 2 GW, thanks to which total annual energy of 40% of overall consumption can be produced, corresponding to around 2.6 TWh.

Energy and Ecological Transition

2 GW: Expected capacity of the new installations from renewable sources

2.6 TWh: Total producible energy annually

1.6 billion euro: Investments


This is an activity to be carried out from a prosumer perspective, to increase internal efficiency and contribute to the national pursuit of ecological transition objectives, also with a plan to reduce CO₂ emissions by about 7.5 million tonnes per year through business initiatives and the modal shift to rail.

The activity is focused on a perimeter consisting of:

  • A single Group presidium;
  • Monitoring and development of new business opportunities;
  • Strengthening existing agreements with industry players and scouting new partnerships to develop know-how;
  • Coordinating and control of Group energy production/consumption activities;
  • Coordinating and developing innovative solutions.