Held on 25 and 26 January at MAXXI Roma was the closing event the sixth edition of the Open Italy Elis programme. Thanks to specific work sessions on Open Innovation and multi-corporate working tables, this was an opportunity to lay the foundations for the 2023 Innovation Need.

The two-day event saw the main players in the Italian industry engaged in dialogue and collaboration between large companies, Italian start-ups and young talents striving to bring concrete innovation projects to life. Amongst the activities carried out was the awarding of Planet FS, the pilot project aimed at raising awareness of sustainability issues amongst FS Group employees through gamification, to promote responsible lifestyles even outside the workplace.

 Planet FS, in which 450 employees of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group participated, is a digital platform through which the participants tackled various sustainability challenges – getting around without a car, reducing energy consumption, preparing recipes with leftovers, using reusable water bottles and shopping bags, giving new life to objects and clothing, as well as engaging in volunteer activities. In total, 10,089 missions were successfully completed, for a saving of 15,134 kilograms of CO2.

Open Italy enters the co-innovation phase

After the exploration phase (Discovering & Sharing) and the selection phase (Scouting & Screening), the Open Italy Elis programme – which the FS Group has joined ye again in this 6th edition – enters the Co-innovation Project phase. This step sees companies and start-ups collaborating on a Proof of Concept that will be presented to the community at this year’s closing event.

The FS Group, Italferr and Trenitalia, collaborate with start-ups, Up2You, MelaWorks, Modelway and Trakti to develop projects ranging from sustainability, digital document management for worksites, predictive maintenance and after-sales customer relationship management. The ultimate goal is to find different working methods and new digital solutions that make everyday life an easier experience and processes more effective. 

The 4 co-innovation projects are:

  • The FS Group and Up2You unite for the FS Planet project, with Up2You being the start-up that shares with FS Italiane the important goal of encouraging sustainable actions using the “serious game” and supporting corporate business models with a real positive impact on the environment;
  • Italferr and Melawork for quick and easy centralised management of worksites, where an application is being tested that allows workers engaged in field projects to collaborate and share information in real time;
  • Italferr and Modelway, engaged in the experimentation of virtual sensors and machine learning algorithms to obtain information useful for recognising and/or predicting critical events impacting operations and diagnostic maintenance;
  • Trenitalia and Trakti are managing the relationship between Trenitalia and the customer via a smart contract and blockchain, with all the benefits in terms of efficiency and transparency that these tools offer.