We change to innovate, we innovate to change

Innovate is the FS Group’s Corporate Entrepreneurship programme that encourages the development of corporate entrepreneurship through multidisciplinary teams with various responsibilities. The individual teams hail from the differing Italian FS companies. The aim of each team is to develop, promote and launch new business ideas. Each of the teams involved shall present the evolution of their work to FS Italiane’s Top Management, from the embryonic idea to a business project to be developed.

The second edition of Innovate

Innovate is able to strengthen entrepreneurial attitudes, put personal resources and know-how into play, whilst deploying new approaches to innovation through dedicated tools and methodologies. In line with the FS Italiane Group’s Industrial Plan, the 2020 edition addresses the theme of sustainability.  

The 5 teams that pass all of the evaluation phases shall enter an acceleration pathway lasting approximately 4 months. During this period, they will be supported by colleagues and managers in the process of transforming the proposed ideas into concrete initiatives. The acceleration phase involves the teams transforming their idea into a project that they will present at the end of the process, when the winner will be selected.

Each team, comprised of 3 up to a maximum of 6 participants, is to promote gender diversity in its composition.

Innovate goes digital

Throughout the Coronavirus emergency and with the support of the digital platform Teams, the FS Group's entrepreneurship development programme continues its path of acceleration for the five finalist teams as protagonists of this phase of Innovate, together with their respective mentors, external facilitators and project team.

The six dedicated communities on Teams include five project groups and one focused on planning and coordination. Two channels reserved for the project team and to the facilitators have also been activated, dedicated to managing project coordination activities, reports and final outputs.

Interaction through chat, video calling and collaborative document management applications aim to guide teams towards the realisation of a business case together with a prototype on which projects shall then be evaluated.

This year, integrated management of all Innovate activities has also been facilitated by Teams' integration of apps such as Planner for easy scheduling of shared calls and events. The next steps of the programme are known as “sprints”, being phases aimed towards delivering a specific task with a focus on completing the final project. 

The five teams passing to the acceleration phase 

SPGR – Security Power Aumented Railways

The project consists in the use of augmented reality at the service of maintenance activities, in order to guarantee timely and contextualised access to all technical information, by simply having the operator align the device.

TaBii - Battery-powered trains on hybrid infrastructure

The TaBii project aims to construct hybrid infrastructure by installing a line for electric traction near the railway stations, to allow battery-run trains to partially recharge at each stop during operation.

SafeME. A remote Smart Badge holder

The project consists in equipping the personnel aboard the train with a smart badge holder equipped with GSM technology. The device is designed to allow workers who find themselves in a situation of danger to establish an immediate connection with the relevant operating room (or emergency manager).

Smart Railway with IoT

The purpose of the project is to monitor the state of railway infrastructure (especially bridges, viaducts, tunnels, and the like) using a network of IoT (Internet of Things) devices able to detect oscillations, structural subsidence and variations in the work in real time.

Virtual Warehouse

The project consists in creating a virtual warehouse that contains 3D models of spare parts, in order to revolutionise supply times, producing spare parts only when actually needed and in the exact quantities, thus avoiding waste.