A new virtual hangout for generating ideas, projects and solutions, the InnoStation addresses the ecosystem of national and international innovation by offering the opportunity to come into direct contact with the FS Italiane Group. Startups, research centres, universities, small- and medium-sized enterprises, groups or individual innovators can register and respond to challenges, call for ideas and open innovation solutions that the FS Group launches over time.

10 macro strategic objectives have been set for InnoStation: climate change and land protection, mobility management, customer experience, infrastructure resilience, energy efficiency, safety and security, logistics 4.0, energy systems of the future, predictive maintenance and intelligent transport systems.

With this platform, the FS Group has an important tool that facilitates both the monitoring of the market, identifying best practices and innovation partners for strategic collaborations or start-up investments, and the implementation of processes aimed at identifying, experimenting and adopting innovative solutions.

As part of a digital event being held on 29 March, innovative startups and small- and medium-sized enterprises are called to participate in the first Trenitalia challenge of InnoStation.

This additional feature of the FS Group’s innovative landscape confirms its dedication to the development of projects that aim to build a mobility service that it is increasingly sustainable, shared and effective.