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Any unsolicited applications we receive through the form are added to a special database for our Group’s main companies, which is constantly updated with CVs selected in close collaboration with schools and academic institutions.

In order to access the new selection campaigns and apply for the positions of your interest, you need to create a new account, with new credentials, which will allow you to register your data and CV, as well as take advantage of the new features of the site.

The updating of the career site does not affect any ongoing selection processes. As already indicated, your registration on the new career site is instead essential for the purposes of participating in new selection campaigns.

By adding your CV, it will allow us to have it on file for 12 months and to carry out continuously updated screening processes by promptly analysing candidate requirements for any new positions we need.

See the required positions which all the Group’s companies publish online. Generally speaking, they are openings across a high volume of candidates or for requirements that are hard to find.

Please keep your CV constantly up-to-date by entering any information you feel might be useful. 


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To apply for a job with us, you must fill out the online form, so we can not consider your application if it is sent in different ways.

For more information, you can write to: We will only respond to the relevant requests as soon as possible.

If you need support for the online application, you can write to