High school graduates

Our selection process for high school graduates is based on equal opportunities for applicants, transparency and uniformity of evaluation criteria.

The recruitment channel is made up of applications made by filling in our application form.

The selection process includes the following stages, each one leading to the next.

The first part of the selection process involves an online assessment. The profiles most in line with the figure sought are invited to take part in this. The assessment takes place through access to a digital platform and includes tests and questionnaires that probe skills, abilities and attitudes in relation to the figure sought. 

The tests have a limited time duration but, within the validity period of the online assessment, they can be taken at any time of the day or on different days based on the time period communicated.

The results of your online assessments will be valid for 12 months. Therefore, if you have already participated in a previous online assessment, we will take into account your previous results.

This is an interview held by Human Resources to identify motivation and characteristics in relation to the requirements of the role. During this phase, one or more tests from the online assessment may be re-run to check the validity of the previously taken online tests.

Depending on the company's needs, the general interview may be conducted together with the technical-professional interview.

The technical interview consists of an interview conducted by the business manager aimed at ascertaining the applicant's basic educational knowledge and reasoning applied to technical problems. It also serves to ascertain the professional skills developed by experienced applicants.

For specific professional figures, there may be additional tests such as:

  • practical test (e.g. driving) and/or manual skills;
  • physical efficiency test;
  • foreign language proficiency test.

The physical requirements check envisaged for the role being sought is a necessary condition for passing the entire selection process for recruitment purposes.

Due to the high number of applications, we give feedback to applicants whose test or interview results exclude them from continuing the selection process for the search in question.

Applicants whose results are satisfactory during each phase (test/interview/etc.) may be progressively contacted, during the period of validity of the tests carried out and if company requirements still apply, for the completion of the selection process.