From 24-26 April, #EUvsVirus Hackathon—a major digital challenge launched by the European Commission, in collaboration with member states—will be held to develop innovative solutions in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

The international teams, composed of innovators and institutional players from all over Europe, are called upon to face as many as 37 challenges covering health, business, finance, education and social inclusion, in accordance with the now widespread and much lauded hackathon model.

FS Italiane is a mentor of the Pan-European initiative and—together with RFI and nugo—takes part by rendering available its know-how in the field of mobility and e-learning, in particular in the two Business Continuity and Remote Work & Education macro-challenges. Amongst the partners is FSTechnology, the FS Group company that will be part of the jury called upon to evaluate the proposed ideas.

Downstream of the Hackathon, the best projects will be shared through the new COVID platform of the European Innovation Council (EIC), to then seek funding and experimentation in the mosaic of member state territories.