Economic and industrial dynamics, environmental and social performance of a company in continuous dialogue with its stakeholders

2020 left a huge imprint on our lives, inflicting a public health crisis of an unprecedented scale for modern times and disrupting social and economic stability.

The transport sector was heavily damaged by the pandemic, showing a hefty drop in traffic volumes with the demand for mobility slashed by over 30% in Italy compared to 2019 considering all modes of transport.

The FS Italiane Group and its people have taken on the situation, continuing to connect the country every day, focusing even more on providing customers with safe environs and efficient services and employees with the measures needed to work.

As well as extending the option of working from home, also to protect workers’ health, a widespread digitalisation process has enabled continuity in recruiting, training and developing FS Italiane people. New levels of excellence in innovative talent acquisition, developing and training methods create a firm bond between the Group and its employees promoting mutual support and team spirit.

Fully aware of the transport sector’s key role, the FS Italiane Group will continue to cultivate its past legacy, upholding the same level of investment quantity and quality while simultaneously tracing a new path of adopting and implementing sustainable strategies: the key to boosting stability and minimising risk exposure. The FS Italiane Group is building its future on pillars such as customising and offering quality services, making rail transport the backbone of sustainable logistics, adopting digital interconnected systems to create an innovative infrastructure system, and partnering with institutions, local bodies and other stakeholders to plan and build mobility hub stations.

The group did not abandon this path in 2020 despite the many difficulties thrown up during the year. In fact, at certain key times detailed in this report, it demonstrated how sustainability principles can be transformed into concrete actions

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*Last update: 2020 Sustainability Report