Work locations

The FS Italiane Group is present throughout Italy and has its head office in Rome, at Piazza della Croce Rossa 1.

Each Group location offers a well-defined organisation that, by integrating seamlessly into the corporate structure, supports the excellence of our innovative business.

Our large production sites are generally located in major provincial capitals. Here, young people specialised in predominantly technical-engineering disciplines can be placed in technical and industrial processes and in activities that ensure the overall development and management of the company's business.

At the headquarters, which is Rome for most of our Group companies, the staff departments offer employment opportunities to all young specialists in the other disciplines, in the areas responsible for guidelines, authorisation and control, including administration finance and control, legal and corporate affairs, information systems and purchasing.

If you would like to know about our current search campaigns and their placement locations, please see the dedicated section.

Working abroad

In the FS Group you will have the opportunity to work with various teams of professionals in different countries around the world. You will be able to get involved on a truly global scale and learn to work with people from different cultures.

What we expect:

  • cross-office projects, to be part of a team of experts working on a short-term project (usually less than six months) in another country. This is an opportunity to gain international experience without having to relocate;
  • global programmes, where selected employees with the necessary experience can participate in long-term assignments (usually one or two years renewable) in one of our offices worldwide;
  • relocations, which involve moving to another city, country or continent. The Group's global footprint gives you the right opportunity to change locations according to your evolving needs or goals.

Through companies such as Italferr, Tx Logistik,Trenitalia France, Netinera, Hellenic Train, Trenitalia UK, iryo, Qbuzz, the FS Group is present with its own offices in various countries in Europe and worldwide.