We believe that a company’s success in the long run depends on the ability to meet the needs of its stakeholders

In 2013, the FS Italiane Group set out on a path of active listening and discussion with its stakeholders, from which not only ideas but also synergies and joint projects have arisen.

The dialogue with stakeholders was aimed at defining proposals for improving the sustainability profile of the Group as a whole.

The commitment to transparency and continuity towards its stakeholders is also manifested through reporting and updating the implementation status of the proposals.

In 2018, the 5th edition of the Group’s Stakeholder Panel was held, with the aim of defining long-term 2030-2050 strategic objectives together with our stakeholders.

In 2019, the objectives were approved by the Board of Directors of the Parent Company and publicly presented at an event held on 18 July at the Acquario Romano. The process of collaboration with stakeholders was promoted by the Group’s Sustainability Committee.

The stakeholder community of the FS Italiane Group has reached over 200 people in the four editions of Panel, identified both as a function of their ability to influence the Group's activities and services, and the level of influence that the Group can have on them.