FS Group, The Mobility Leader

La campagna istituzionale del Gruppo FS

FS Group, The Mobility Leader”. This is the slogan for FS Italiane's new institutional campaign created with the aim of conveying the important role of the Group in the growth and development of the country.

With the multi-faceted campaign, created with participation from AB Comunicazioni and DLVBBDO, the FS Group intends to position itself as a proactive innovator and leader in integrated mobility, emphasising its commitment to Smart Cities, Energy and Sustainability.

"There is an Italian group that has future generations at heart. We design and build infrastructure to move people and goods sustainably. We’re shortening the distance for the development and growth of our country,” reads the press campaign.

La campagna istituzionale del Gruppo FS: soggetto Polo Infrastrutture

We develop innovative infrastructure and transform rail stations into dynamic hubs where people, ideas, and cultures converge.

La campagna istituzionale del Gruppo FS: soggetto Polo Passeggeri

We’re bringing high-speed rail to Europe. Electric travel has never been easier.