Energy and emissions

The FS Italiane Group is looking to become carbon neutral by 2050 with respect both to the energy it buys, and to that which is produced by group companies themselves (including the energy used to power both rail and road vehicles) and that used in fixed facilities (workshops, stations, offices, tunnels, roads). 

Sustainable mobility 

The aim of the FS Italiane Group is to further the modal shift towards collective and shared mobility in Italy, incentivising people to leave private cars at home. According to the Conto Nazionale delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti (“National Infrastructure and Transport Assessment”), in 2015 around 77% of people used private cars, and only 17.5% chose other means of more ecologically sustainable transport (train, tram, cable car, urban and extra-urban transport).

As far as freight is concerned, the aim of the FS Italiane Group is to transfer 50% of transport onto rails by 2050. Again, according to the Conto Nazionale delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti, in 2015 freight transport on rail registered around 12% of the total, as opposed to 54% by road. 


FS Italiane has set itself the goal of becoming best in class in Europe in safety issues by eliminating by 2050 fatalities amongst people who use the group’s vehicles to get around (train, bus and other mobility methods), as well as amongst its own employees, those of supplier companies and people who interact with the railway system. By 2030, fatal accidents on ANAS-controlled roads will have to fall by 50% compared with 2015.