Our path toward the mobility of the future: integrated, shared, safe, and sustainable


The 5th edition of the Group Stakeholders Panel was held on 15th May 2018 at the CDA Hall of Villa Patrizi, with the aim of defining, together with stakeholders, long-term objectives for 2030-2050, following a path launched by the Committee of Group sustainability.

The discussion - single-issue technical tables tackled - focused on three themes (of 12 material themes) and their related objectives:

  • Safety
  • Energy and emissions
  • Sustainable mobility

A welcome from CEO and General Manager Renato Mazzoncini opened the proceedings on Security; Director of DCRUO Mauro Ghilardi opened the proceedings on Energy and Emissions; and Fabrizio Favara, Director of Strategies, Planning, Control, and Sustainability, launched discussions on Sustainable Mobility. About 40 high-profile stakeholders were involved, including representatives from:

  • public administrations
  • associations
  • the scientific community
  • non-governmental organisations
  • associations
  • civil society organisations
  • internal representative bodies

Long-term objectives will be finalised, taking into account feedback received, and ultimately will be officially presented in a public event.

Finally, in the coming months a similar path of discussion will be launched for the definition of long-term objectives regarding the remaining 9 material themes identified by the Group.