FS Group’s digital communication is Best Non-listed in Lundquist’s .trust research

Awarded for transparent communication and enhancing content for attracting talent

At the award ceremony in connection with Lundquist’s .trust 2023 research, which selects the best Italian companies in the field of digital corporate communication, we received a special award as Best Non-listed, “for complete and comprehensive communication, particularly detailed in the presentation of the business strategy”.

This award is linked to the results of the .trust research, conducted by the strategy consultancy Lundquist that, for over 20 years, has offered a valuable tool for companies to tell their story in an effective, distinctive and especially transparent way.

It is never easy for a company to concretely communicate its role and vision of the future through content that is not only insightful but also engaging, both on the website and on social media.

Consistency, pragmatism and transparency are the tools that help a company remain competitive and in step with the times. For this reason, this latest edition of .trust focused on the development of a purpose able to guide and orient companies towards clear and effective communication.

No longer merely impactful phrases or catchy slogans but actual pragmatism given that purpose represents all the factors that characterise a company and its tangible impact on society.

Strategic vision, values, commitment to sustainability and innovation, stability and confidence in the future. These are the aspects that Lundquist assessed for over two hundred Italian companies and the ways we distinguished ourselves in the category of Narrator, thus demonstrating a good balance between the substance of information and distinctiveness of our communication.

Creating trust and communicating comprehensively thus remain our chief objectives in order to continue to ensure an increasingly widespread and impactful digital presence. 

La Digital Communication del Gruppo FS riceve il premio "Best non listed" della ricerca .trust di Lundquist
 Il premio "Best non listed" della ricerca .trust di Lundquist