The "Oggi offro io" project dedicated to inclusion in employment and training of people in a state of difficulty. Donations can be made aboard the Frecce and InterCity trains, in the FrecciaClub, ticket offices and self-service ticket machines

The chocolate bars can be purchased aboard trains with a minimum offering of 3 euro, in support of the "Oggi offro io" project. This year's collection is dedicated to the Caritas Roma project dedicated to employing people in a state of difficulty.

Until 7 January 2020, volunteers from the FS Italiane Group and Caritas will be aboard the Frecce and InterCity trains for the traditional Christmas fundraiser.

In the stations, rather, offerings can be made at the ticket offices, self-service ticket machines and in the FrecciaClub.

MasterCard, as technical partner of the initiative, is responsible for purchasing the chocolate bars.

“We are proud to be working with Caritas on this project. Giving an opportunity to people in a state of difficulty to complete vocational training offers a chance to break free and work towards possible job integration,” said Gianfranco Battisti, CEO and General Director of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane. “Solidarity is a fundamental value for the Group, which has always been concretely engaged in implementing projects and initiatives to benefit disadvantaged people. Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane has worked alongside Caritas for 40 years, giving support to the many people in difficulty - providing available unused railway spaces to establish refuge and counselling structures, soup kitchens and Help Centres.”

“Work is not just about having the ability to meet basic needs. It is especially about dignity, intellectual and human development, the ability to interact and live with passion. The Oggi offro io project, promoted by our Caritas diocesan with the precious support of the Italian State Railways, introduces professional training as the last and fundamental step on the path towards reintegration and integration of so many of our brothers who have faced many hardships,” said Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis, of the Diocese of Rome.

The Oggi offro io project will permit the restructuring of the premises of an ancient pizzeria in the San Giovanni district of Rome. Cooking classes and dining room services, dedicated to people welcomed into the Caritas assistance circuit, will be held in the refurbished areas. The courses will also serve to start a catering business in the restored premises. Training will be coordinated by starred chefs and representatives of the Scuola di Alta Formazione (Higher Education School). The Oggi offro io spokesperson shall be the starred chef Angelo Troiani.

The three fundraising campaigns proposed by the FS Italiane Group in favour of Caritas Roma - Pietro non abita più qui (2010), Casa dolce Caritas (2013), Una porta sempre aperta (2015) - have raised around 900,000 euro.