FS Italiane comes in at number 1 for Italy and reaches pole position in the ranking for candidate experience 2020

For the second consecutive year, FS Italiane has been established as the most appreciated company in terms of best online job search experience, with over 400,000 CVs, 225,000 average visitors per month to the Work With Us section, around 12,000 followers for the Facebook page dedicated to recruitment and more than 250,000 followers on LinkedIn. These are just some of the winning statistics to have emerged from the Online Talent Communication study conducted by the Swedish research company Potential Park.

The Swedish company has recognised the excellent ability to consolidate the relationship with candidates and optimise talent acquisition processes in the recruiting procedures adopted by FS Italiane. There are different means for online interaction available to candidates, such as tests for recent graduates and the possibility—through web recruitment channels—to find out about the company and the initiatives enacted to encourage orientation and the development of skills that are useful in the workforce.

In addition to having nabbed first place in the Career Website and Mobile categories for candidate experience, the FS Group has climbed the ranking in the Social Media Network and Online Application categories, achieving second and sixth place respectively.

FS Italiane has always promoted diversified collaboration relationships with academic institutions and regularly participates in recruiting and career days, job meetings and institutional presentations within the scope of the network of universities. The Work With Us website has been enriched by the chatbot dedicated to Talent Acquisition. And, what’s more, the Smart Recruiting project is being developed with a view to increasing the digitalisation of the selection processes, thanks to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence.