Gruppo FS Italiane and the Municipality of Montebello Jonico together for the urban regeneration of the former OGR of Saline Joniche

Reggio Calabria, 9 May 2024

An inspection was made at the former Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Saline Joniche, Municipality of Montebello Jonico, attended by Mayor Maria Foti, the President of Unindustria Calabria Aldo Ferrara, and representatives of the companies Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Italferr, of the FS Group's Infrastructure Business Unit, and of FS Sistemi Urbani, of the Urban Business Unit. The encounter was part of a dialogue that started in December 2023 between the FS Group and local institutions.

The visit to the former OGR was organised to view progress made on the project for the self-production of energy from photovoltaic sources and at the same time to evaluate possible initiatives for the urban regeneration of the site. This initiative is part of the FS Group's broader mission to renew and enhance Calabrian territories and to help boost their development and the growth of urban centres.

In agreement with the institutions and enterprises, the shared objective is to create synergies for the regeneration and restitution of unused railway areas and buildings to the community, taking into account the needs of the city and pledging the availability of these assets for use in new social, cultural, educational and tourist functions.