FS Italiane: TX Logistik acquires Exploris, a German group operating in railway freight transportation

Rome, July 27, 2023

TX Logistik AG, a company belonging to the Logistics Business Units of FS Italiane Group, has signed the purchase agreement for the acquisition of Exploris Deutschland Holding GmbH Hamburg (“Exploris” or the “Exploris Group”), a European rail freight transportation company, thus becoming the second largest freight operator in Germany by tonne-kilometre.  

Thanks to this transaction, FS Logistics Business Unit will be in the position to operate in rail freight transportation in eight European Countries through the companies of Exploris Deutschland Holding GmbH Hamburg, including Via Cargo, HSL Logistik and Delta Rail.

The closing of the deal is subject to the occurrence of some standard conditions related to this type of transaction, including the authorization of the relevant Antitrust Authorities.

International rail connections of Exploris are strongly oriented to east-west transportation axis, therefore completing the TX Logistik network, already widely present along the north-south European transportstion axis.

This acquisition also strengthens FS Group presence in the European market, enhancing traffic to and from Italy, for the benefit of Italian industry import and export services.

"We are very proud of this transaction - states Sabrina De Filippis, CEO of Mercitalia Logistics, the leading company of the Group’s Logistics Business Unit, holding a 100% stake of TX – wich allows us expanding our European presence by offering a more in-depth and efficient services to Italian companies, as well as the market in general. Furthermore, we will be able to achieve synergies and scale economies, both in commercial and operational terms, for the benefits of the whole FS Group".

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