Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Shareholders' Meeting approves reshaping of shareholders' equity thus keeping its size unchanged

Rome, November 29th 2023 - The Shareholders' Meeting of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane S.p.A. (FS), chaired by Nicoletta Giadrossi, resolved today the reshaping the shareholders’ equity of FS, as per the proposal resolved by the FS Board of Directors at its meeting on 23rd October 2023, through:

  • a voluntary reduction of the share capital to 31,062,952,307 euros from 39,204,173,802 euros (including an amount aimed at an intercompany reorganization project and relating to the real estate business, as approved today by such Shareholders' Meeting); and
  • a concurrent (i) increase in the legal reserve of 6,141,221,496 euros in order to supplement the legal reserve up to 20% of the share capital; and (ii) setting up a capital reserve of 2 billion euros.

The reshape approved by the Shareholders' Meeting keeps FS's equity unchanged.

The Shareholders' Meeting also approved to amend the FS' Articles of Association to update the new share capital.

The Shareholders' Meeting resolution will be enforceable following the time limits established by the applicable law have elapsed.

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