FS Group and the Museo dell’Ara Pacis in Rome come together for the Helmut Newton: Legacy exhibition

FS Group and the Museo dell’Ara Pacis in Rome come together for the Helmut Newton: Legacy exhibition

Rome, 21 October 2023

Take the train to Rome to go the Helmut Newton: Legacy exhibition, a retrospective dedicated to the famous photographer scheduled at the Museo dell’Ara Pacis until 10 March 2024. The exhibition aims to take a fresh look at the uniqueness, the style and the provocative side of the artist’s work, highlighting the lesser-known aspects, with a particular focus on Newton’s most anti-conventional fashion photography.

To mark the event, FS Group and Trenitalia, the leader of the Passenger Business Unit, will be offering special discounts for those travelling to the Capital to see the exhibition. Travellers holding a Frecce train ticket with a Rome destination – and dated no more than three days before the date of the exhibition visit – will be given a discount on museum entry.

A special reduction is also provided for those who have signed up for the X-GO programme holding an Intercity/Intercity Night ticket for Rome and for passengers holding a one-way regional ticket to the Capital, with a travel date no more than three days prior to the exhibition visit. Reduced entrance fees are also foreseen for holders of a supra-regional (Abruzzo, Tuscany and Campania) Trenitalia-FS Group season ticket extending to Rome.

The exhibition presents several new works. Polaroids and contact sheets will also provide insight into the creative process behind several of the iconic motifs featured. Special publications, vintage magazines and archival materials will also help provide a better understanding of the context that gave rise to the artist’s inspiration.

With its support for the Helmut Newton: Legacy exhibition, the FS Group, led by CEO Luigi Ferraris, reaffirms its commitment to major Italian and international cultural events, promoting the mobility of visitors and enthusiasts with frequent, sustainable and wide-reaching connections. This calling comes naturally to a company that, for over a century, has been firmly rooted within the artistic, tourism, civil and economic fabric of Italy.