The Carabinieri Corps and FS Italiane Group: a Frecciarossa dedicated to General Dalla Chiesa

From 8 September, a special Frecciarossa train will travel from Turin to Reggio Calabria bearing the image of the General and Prefect killed by the Mafia on 3 September 1982

Rome, 7 September 2022

A Frecciarossa train dedicated to General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, with the image of his face and one of his famous phrases embossed on the sides of the train, will travel along the Turin-Reggio Calabria railway route until 31 October in commemoration of the General’s sacrifice, 40 years after the brutal massacre in Via Isidoro Carini in Palermo.

The presentation of the train took place today, on 7 September, at Roma Termini station in a ceremony attended by the Minister of Defence, Lorenzo Guerini, the Commander General of the Carabinieri Corps, General Teo Luzi, and the CEO of the FS Italiane Group, Luigi Ferraris.

The Frecciarossa bears an external livery featuring the face of General Dalla Chiesa, the date of his birth and death along with a symbolic phrase of his: “Some things are not done out of courage; they are done only to look more serenely in the eyes of our children and the children of our children.”

“The idea of dedicating the livery of a train to General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, ideally uniting the whole of Italy each day from north to south and vice-versa, has a particularly important symbolic value. The admirable initiative of having the thousands of passengers – both Italian and foreign – remembering General Dalla Chiesa and how important his ultimate sacrifice was in the fight against the Mafia, will render every journey on this train a unique occasion,” declared Carabinieri General Commander, Army Corps General Teo Luzi, directing a special thought to the many young people, perhaps young couples, who will say their goodbyes in front of this livery, before boarding this Frecciarossa. “My wish is that they may dedicate a minute to the memory of the General, who believed so much in them and in the formation of their culture of legality, the only weapon that is always effective against organised crime.”

“With his commitment to the fight against terrorism and the Mafia, General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa was – right up until the ultimate sacrifice – a model of loyalty to the State and its highest democratic values: freedom and legality. With this Frecciarossa dedicated to him, the FS Group,” states FS CEO Luigi Ferraris, “intends to keep his memory and example alive and to strongly reaffirm those values that are also the basis of our corporate culture.”

The image of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa will also be displayed on the monitors aboard all Frecce trains, on the self-service kiosks and on the totems placed in the FRECCIALounge and FRECCIAClub in the stations bearing the Frecciarossa livery.