The FS Group at Innotrans: innovation, sustainability and the development of international activities

From 20 to 23 September, Berlin is set to host the 13th International Trade Fair for Transport Technology

Rome, 19 September 2022

Increasingly sustainable trains and buses, state-of-the-art technology to promote intermodal logistics solutions plus the international business development of a Group that is making Europe its domestic market. This is how the FS Group, with Luigi Ferraris at its helm, will present itself in showcasing some of its excellences at Innotrans, the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology scheduled to take place in Berlin from 20 to 23 September, in which over 2,770 exhibitors from 56 countries will take part.

For the FS Group, this will also be an opportunity for meeting with Chair Nicoletta Giadrossi, CEO Luigi Ferraris and the CEOs of the companies heading the four Hubs into which it is divided, the top management and certain operators of the foreign subsidiaries and subsidiaries. This appointment marks a decisive change of pace, both cultural and managerial, for a Group that is increasingly being configured as a Multinational or, better yet, a Multidomestic Company that is making Europe its local market. Operating or set to start up in this context are Trenitalia France (France), Ilsa (in Spain from November), Hellenic Trains (Greece), C2C and Avanti West Coast (UK), Netinera and TX Logistik (Germany), Qbuzz (Netherlands) and Roma-Rail (Romania).

FS Italiane will have one of the 42 pavilions at Innotrans, the biennial trade fair now in its 13th edition, set to reopen after a four-year stoppage due to the Covid-19 pandemic. On the 3,500 metres of track in the area outside the fairground, the FS Group will present the new Blues hybrid regional train, designed and built by Hitachi Rail for Trenitalia (as lead company of FS Group’s Passenger Hub) and the new regional trains of Netinera (Germany's second-largest local public transport operator).

On the freight and logistics front, TX Logistik AG (Mercitalia Group) shall present the third generation of its NiKRASA technology, as the solution able to easily lift semi-trailers that cannot be raised by crane, loading them onto rail to further promote road-rail intermodality.

Also on display in the area dedicated to road vehicles will be one of 32 hydrogen-powered buses from Qbuzz, a subsidiary of Busitalia (responsible for the FS Group’s road transport). The hydrogen-powered buses of Qbuzz, as the third-largest local public transport operator in the Netherlands and a pioneer in the use of alternative drive vehicles, operate daily in the Dutch provinces of Groningen and Drenthe.

In the meetings scheduled with the national and international press, Innotrans shall also be an opportunity to take stock of the FS Group’s progress in the 2022–2031 Business Plan, the strategies for dealing with certain critical matters arising from international tensions, environmental issues, the progress of the PNRR – Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan – along with innovations and projects in the digital and connectivity fields plus the self-production of electricity from renewable sources.