FS Italiane: Board of Directors approves new funding up to 2.9 billion Euros

New green bonds in the pipeline

Approved increase of the EMTN Programme 


Rome, 23 February 2021

The Board of Directors of FS Italiane has approved the issuance of new bonds and other medium/long-term funding instruments for a total maximum amount of 2.9 billion Euros.

The increase of the EMTN Programme during the year was also approved, up to 9 billion Euros from the current 7 billion Euros.

The issuances, under the EMTN Programme listed on the Irish Stock Exchange, will be reserved for institutional investors.

The proceeds collected on the debt capital market in 2021 will finance the FS Group's investment needs. In particular, they will be allocated to the purchase of new trains for regional, medium and long-distance passenger transport, including at international level, as well as for high-speed/high-capacity rail infrastructure.

As part of the new EMTN bond issuances, FS Italiane is also planning new green bonds, which will mainly finance the purchase of new Pop & Rock regional trains.

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