FS Italiane: finalized today with Unicredit Factoring two receivables’ sales agreements without recourse

The assigned receivables are the grants due to RFI and Trenitalia, as set forth in the Budget Law 2021 and Relaunch Decree

Rome, 22 December 2021

Two non-recourse assignment agreements were signed today in order to sell the multiannual grants, owed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility to the main FS Group subsidiaries, pursuant to the Budget Law 2021 and Relaunch Decree, implemented in Italy in the broader context of the measures to face with the Covid-19 economic impacts.

The receivables, due from 2022 to 2034, were transferred to Unicredit Factoring, in the role of assignee, following a contest launched in November 2021 by FS Holding, which coordinated, structured and negotiated these transactions on behalf of the assignors Trenitalia and RFI, for a total amount around € 445 million.

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