Brescia Station: the tracks alongside the Historical Line quadruple

Brescia, 27 July 2020

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Italferr took part in the meeting, promoted by the Municipality of Brescia, to illustrate the railway project of the “Quadrupling alongside the Historical Line within the Brescia hub, further functional phase of the new High-Speed Brescia-Verona route”.

The project constitutes the east-side entrance/exit with respect to the Brescia railway junction and envisages a new double track line that runs in close proximity to the historical Milan-Venice line. To reduce the impact on the territory to a bare minimum, the new track shall be laid in the corridor currently dedicated to the existing line.

In particular, about 6 kilometres of the route intersects with the urban fabric of Brescia, crossing the Municipality of Rezzato (about 3.5 kilometres) and ending in the territory of the Municipality of Mazzano, where the railway line will connect with the “Brescia Est-Verona” functional section, currently under construction.

The operation will see the use of sustainable technological solutions, such as visual mitigation of the infrastructure with the use of trees and greenery, and a reduction in the impact the new works have on the urban and natural context, with the inclusion of transparent acoustic barriers. In addition, the work will result in the points crossed to be restructured and enhanced thanks to new public spaces that will be restored, such as the cycle and pedestrian pathways, the fully-equipped green areas, urban gardens and wildlife passages.

The activation of the Quadruplication within the framework of the Brescia hub will complete an additional section of the Italian railway system, reducing the interference between the various transport flows, for smoother circulation and increased traffic capacity in the railway junction, with benefits in terms of the regularity and punctuality of both long-distance and regional services.