FS Italiane, Trenitalia: transport offers adapted to the need for mobility

As part of the restart under Phase 2 of the health crisis

Foto: interno di un treno regionale e galleria della Stazione Termini

Rome, 4 May 2020

A positive departure comes for Trenitalia (FS Italiane Group) for regional and medium- and long-distance travel at the beginning of Phase 2 of the health emergency.

Around 3,800 Trenitalia (FS Italiane Group) regional trains are circulating today, marking the start of Phase 2 of the COVID-19 health emergency. To these are added 12 Frecce and 6 InterCity trains connecting the main Italian cities, aiding necessary travel permitted by the competent authorities.

In agreement with the Regions, as contracting authorities of the Service, the regional offer saw an increase of around 25 percentage points compared to last week, from about 2,000 trips to 3,800.

Some 190,000 people travelled on regional trains, up 8 percentage points compared to last week and corresponding to 13% of passengers in the period prior to the emergency.

The average filling of regional trains is 15%, already calculated on the basis of the new 50% seating capacity.

About 4,300 people travelled on medium- and long-distance trains—with 12 Frecce and 6 InterCity locomotives—being about twice as many travellers as the week prior.

Passenger numbers are just over half the number in respect of those travelling on the same number of trains before the COVID-19 health emergency.

As of tomorrow, 5 May, two more journeys will be added with Frecciarossa trains operating between Rome and Venice. Tickets for the two trains have been purchasable since last weekend.

Currently underway on the entire fleet of Trenitalia is the installation of markers on the seats not to be occupied, signage on the doors for travellers climbing aboard and alighting, and markings on the floor indicating the nearest exit and distances to maintain between other passengers. In addition, cleaning and sanitisation activities for the entire Trenitalia fleet have been strengthened.

The FS Italiane Group stresses that all passengers must:

  • always wear a protective mask;
  • be socially responsible, for themselves and others, by respecting the safe distance indicated by the health authorities, the instructions and information aboard trains and in the stations;
  • collaborate with railway staff on board the train, use the routes and entry and exit doors of the trains as indicated by the information panels;
  • co-operate with the railway staff in the stations when entering or exiting the traffic routes, following the pathways identified and the instructions on the information panels.