Italferr awards the tender for the Bari Centrale - Bari Torre a Mare bypass

Contract value over 80 million euros

Rome, 2 April 2020

Italferr (FS Italiane Group) has successfully awarded the tender for the construction of the Bari Centrale - Bari Torre a Mare route variant on the Bari - Lecce line.

The economic value of the contract is over 80 million euros.

The new route variant (about 10 km) is part of the infrastructural works for the redevelopment of the Bari railway hub, serving the new Naples - Bari line currently being built by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group), providing infrastructure connections in the Campania and Apulia area to support the socio-economic development of Southern Italy.

The planning and execution of the works were entrusted to D'Agostino Angelo Antonio Costruzioni Generali, which has appointed RPA - Technital, a temporary group of designers.

The open tender procedure managed by Italferr, on behalf of RFI, was attended by 11 individual and associated companies. Due to the complexity of the activities to be awarded, the award procedure required careful verification of the technical requirements and analysis of the general and anti-mafia requirements.

The award of the tender is another important contribution to the country system by the FS Italiane Group.