Genoa Node: the Sussidiaria line reopens

The line has not been operational since 14 August 2018 following the collapse of the Morandi motorway viaduct

Genoa, 23 December 2020

Tomorrow, the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (FS Italiane Group) will reopen the “Subsidiaria” railway line in the junction of Genoa.

Operation of this line connecting Genova Rivarolo/Genova Borzoli/Mignanego with Genova Sampierdarena will be restored following traffic being suspended as of 14 August 2018, following the collapse of the Morandi motorway viaduct.

The trains scheduled on the lines to Acqui/Ovada and Busalla/Arquata Scrivia/Novi Ligure will return to the reopened line, with benefits in terms of the regularity of rail traffic, whilst the “Bastioni” line will mainly be used for freight connections.

Restoration activities were able to start in September as a result of the restitution of the areas, granted to the Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction, for the securing, demolition and reconstruction works of the motorway viaduct directly above the line itself.

The operations saw the line be subject to a number of reconstruction operations, in particular the consolidation and waterproofing of the viaduct masonry consisting of 44 arches, the reconstruction of the tracks underlying the area of the Morandi collapse, as well as technological upgrade activities with the renewal of the power supply line with the realisation of 60 new pylons.

In the first phase following reactivation – until Wednesday, 13 January – trains will travel the section affected by the works at a speed slowed to 30 kilometres/hour before offering further improvements to the provision of the connections currently travelling on the lines concerned.